Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Refugee and Migrant Justice

Monday, my Question on the demise of Refugee and Migrant Justice, a tragedy for many of their 10,000 clients for whom new providers will have to be found by the administrators. What will happen to the unlucky ones whose cases are about to be heard on appeal or at judicial review. Can the hearings be postponed while the new providers get up to speed, and will the clients get the same quality of service from the alternative providers? I don't think so. And since the Legal Services Commission will have to pay the whole fee to the new provider, as well as the amount due for work in progress to the RMJ, plus the administrator's costs, redundancy payments to RMJ staff, rent to the landlords etc., the cost to the taxpayer is sure to be higher. Tom McNally's answer to an earlier written question makes it clear that we have no idea how the arithmetic is going to pan out, though I should imagine that Ministry of Justice accountants must have done some work on it.

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