Thursday, May 06, 2010


Following my appointment with the haematology consultant at Kings, Mr M has written to my GP as follows:

Mr Avebury was reviewed in clinic today. From the point ofview of his lymphoma, I doubt very much that it will recur: he had a stage I MALT lymphoma erased almost 4 years ago and there have been no symptoms or signs of recurrence. Of more concern arc 2 possibly unrelated symptoms:

Firstly, an obvious prominent aortic aneurysm; a CT done in October done in 2009 suggests that llus has reached the size of 56mm and 1 would be most grateful if Mr Rachid would send him an early appointment please.

Secondly he remains anaemic with a haemoglobin which has fallen to 9.7 with a normal white cell count and slightly raised platelets, suggesting a blood loss.

I note that he has Barrett's oesophagus diagnosed 8 years ago and I would be very grateful if Dr Guy Chung Faye could send him an appointment with a view to upper and lower GI endoscopy to establish whether Lord Avebury is suffering from any significant blood loss. 1 am also taking the precaution of checking his PSA. direct antiglobulin test, liver function and paraproteins today. We will see him again in 6 weeks time.

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