Thursday, May 06, 2010

Second stint

Just cycled back from Durand School where I did my second two hour stint of telling, this time free of any encounter with Mr Crump. After I'd been there for half an hour or so Kate Hoey arrived on her rounds and we had a nice little chat. She noted that there was no Labour teller, and I said that after 12.00 when I was on my previous stint, there had been no replacement for the Labour teller, who had to leave for work. After Kate left she must have taken steps to remedy the deficiency, because a Labour teller rapidly appeared, with her little boy aged about four who wanted to ask voters for their numbers and write the answers on the pad. She was replaced on the hour by a Nigerian lady. from Lagos. So we had a chat about Lagos, former President Obasanjo. the death of President Yar'Adua, and the likelihood of instability arising in the consequent Presidential elections. And about her family of four children, the youngest of whom was celebrating her 24th birthday today. This daughter was reading psychology at university. The lady had two grandchildren, both boys and both aged four, one from a son and one from an older daughter.

Later: Did a third stint from 20.00 to 21.00 at our local polling station.

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