Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is the real Muslim

Who is the real Muslim? The question this article puts to the conscience of the world answers itself, because while the worshippers still alive during the infamous attack in Lahore are crouching among the dead and wounded, their reaction is to pray for the blessings of Allah on the followers of the Prophet.

Most people, and most Muslims, are quite unable to comprehend how it is that young men can be indoctrinated with such hatred against those labelled as 'heretics' or 'apostates' that they can be induced to kill the 'heretics' indiscriminately in their places of worship and to glory in such appalling deeds. As ever-increasing armed might is being deployed against al-Qa'eda and its allies in Afghanistan, Pakistan and central Asia, there is a never-ending supply of recruits to their murderous ideology from the madrassas funded by Middle East oil money. The international community, and particularly the governments of Islamic states need to act against the teaching and advocacy of hatred and intolerance, and to stop up the flow of money that nourishes it.

Today there has been yet another horrible targeted assassination of an Ahmadi, see

This carnage will only cease when the ideology that promotes it is cut off at the source.

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