Friday, May 28, 2010

Report from KCH Vascular Surgery Department

Department of Surgery King's College Hospital

Vascular Surgery

We received a referral for Lord Avebury from the haematologists. This gentleman has a MALT lymphoma diagnosed in 2006 and has recently been running a low haemoglobin of around 10. . We were asked to see him to exclude any source of bleeding from his arteries. He is known to have an aortic aneurysm which is palpable on examination but it is not tender. He has not had any symptoms of leakage such as acute abdominal pain or flank pain. He has had no haematuria, no obvious source of blood loss in his guts, and he is waiting for an appointment with the gastroenterologists to further investigate that possible source. His most recent aneurysm scan was in January when 1t measured 4.9 cm.

I think the surest way to exclude any bleeding from his aorta to make sure there is no inflammatory aneurysm or fistula is a CT angiogram and I have organised that for him. We will review him with the result.

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