Sunday, July 24, 2011


Further to my Parliamentary question on Tuesday about the incipient genocide of the Nuba people of South Kordofan, I have written three times to the Minister David Howell drawing his attention to the available evidence. Khartoum has excluded journalists from the area, and international aid agencies have left because of the risks to their personnel from the daily bombing by the Sudan airforce. But there is satellite evidence of mass graves, and an unpublished UN report on atrocities, see article by Eric Reeves in The New Republic of July 23, "Are U.S. and U.N. Officials Ignoring New Evidence of Atrocities in Sudan?"

Another article by Eric Reeves, "Ongoing Aerial Assaults in Sudan Against Civilians and Humanitarians: An Update" from Dissent Magazine (on-line), July 25, 2011:

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