Sunday, July 03, 2011


Letter from consultant haematologist Dr P at King's to my GP:

June 24, 2011

Diagnosis: MALT Lymphoma
Progressive thromhocytosis ?cause

1 reviewed Eric in the clinic today. I explained to him that his platelet count has been elevated over the past number of years, but has significantly increased at his last visit. We will therefore repeat a full blood count today and, indeed, also check a JAK2 to try and exclude a myeloproliferative disorder. If the platelet count has not reduced and the JAK2 screen is negative, I think it appropriate that we carry out a bone marrow aspirate and trephine and cytogenetics to understand whether it could be either a myeloproliferative disorder or the lymphoma in the marrow that is causing the thrombocytosis.

Clearly, in view of the previous history of vascular disease and TIAs, although he is on aspirin we may need to consider some platelet reducing drug such as hydroxycarbamide. We will keep you informed of progress

Note: the terms are explained in earlier posts. The TIAs referred to here are imaginary - they were suspected by Lindsay but not confirmed by any of the tests subsequently undertaken including MRI of the brain. I think that if I had had a TIA I would have been aware of some changes and apart from a progressive deterioration of memory with age I'm OK from the neck up, even if the carotid arteries are 20% and 40% blocked. Angioplasty isn't done on the carotids because it could dislodge little bits of the plaque which would then be carried into the brain and cause a stroke.

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