Sunday, July 03, 2011

Last week

I'm not going to start on the last seven days, with a great deal having happened, and rather a lot to prepare for the coming week. Tomorrow I have to speak on the plight of British Overseas Citizens of Malaysian origin at the Chinese Church on Shaftesbury Avenue - nobody can tell me exactly where except that its equally distant from Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road tube stations. That's at 13.00. Then at 17.00 I'm chairing a meeting of the Jumma Peoples' Network UK on Committee Room 4, followed by William Wallace's birthday party at 18.30. Tuesday from 11.00 to 13.00 I'm chairing a meeting on the disastrous situation in Bahrain, then at 13.00 we have a meeting of the Pneumonia APPG. In the afternnoon the House is in Committee on the Localism Bill, though it doesn't look as though any of my amendments are likely to be reached. Wednesday there's a morning of Subcommittee F at which there will be a preliminary discussion on our next investigation, into Europe's strategy for illegal drugs, and in the afternoon there is Grand Committee on the Education Bill. There again my amendments aren't likely to be reached - and I certainly hope not, because I'm still discussing them with the National Secular Society. Thursday lunchtime I'm moving a motion to regret an Order on immigration which is retrospective and therefore unlawful and certain to lead to unnecessary litigation. Then Friday I'm at King's again, to be told the result of the JAK2 blood test and to be given a date for the bone marrow biopsy, see earlier post.

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