Friday, July 08, 2011

Malaysian BOCs

Monday, to the Chinese Church on Shaftesbury Avenue (which I didn't recall noticing previously, and neither did the taxi driver) for a well-attanded meeting on dual Malaysian/British Overseas Citizens who renounced their Malaysian nationality on the false supposition that doing so would enable them to claim full UK citizenship. Just i time after nagging the Minister Damian Green's office yet again for a reply to my letter of April 11 on the subject, I had the reply before setting off. There are negotiations with the Malaysian authorities to enable these persons to resume their Malaysian citizenship, but if anybody is genuinely unable to return to Malaysia for that purpose, and they can show that they had taken all available steps to regain their citizenship and had applied to re-enter Malaysian and acquire settle status there without success, they could apply for discretionary leave to remain in the UK outside the Immigration Rules. In the process they could explain any compelling or compassionate circumstances, which would be treated sympathetically.

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