Saturday, July 16, 2011


Not sure whether I put this on the blog. Taken at 30 Avondale Road, Toronto, home of Uncle Doug and Auntie B Woods in 1943 when I would have been 14, nearly 15.

On the far right in the back row is Uncle Bill Woods, Doug's older brother. Then a woman nobody can identify. Then Blakes, Uncle Bill's son, and then Uncle Doug Woods. To the left of Doug in the back row are first Olwen and Jim Walker, son of Mary Walker nee Woods, one of Doug's older sisters). The last person on the left in the back row is Kay Walker who was married to Bill Walker, Jim Walker's younger brother.

To the left of me with the dog in the front row is Aldie Clarkson -- she was engaged to Doug's youngest brother, Jack, who was killed in WW1. She remained single but was always treated as though she'd married Jack; she was considered one of the family. To the right of me is Auntie B, Aileen Woods, nee Mason; Doug's wife, and to the right of her is Effie Woods, Doug's older sister. Then next to Effie is Mary, his other older sister and next to Mary is Joyce Woods (nee Lownsbrough) who was married to David Woods, Blakes's older brother. Then to the right of Joyce is Auntie Ber Woods, nee Mason; Aileen's sister, who was married to Billy They were the parents of David, Blakes, and Peter.
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