Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hospittal Discharge Notification

Reason for admission

Patient admitted with deterioration in renal function. Known myoloproliferative disorder, requiring platelet and blood transfusions. Previous bilateral renal artery stenting. with rehydratng. Found to be dehydrated following period of loose stool and renal function improved with  rehydration. (creatinine 300 < 14 and downtrending at discharge). Repeat renal artery dopplers demonstrated in-stent re-stenosis severe on left side, moderate on left) and after disccussion in  our rediology MDM, it was decided that repeat angioplasty/stenting would be beneficial in the long term. This was scheduled as a non-acute procedure due to recovering renal functiion - unfortunately it was not possible to perform this as an in-patient, and it will be re-rescheduled in a routine out-patient setting. His discharge Hb was 83. We have inserted a PICC line to facilitate future blood product infusion. He will be followed up by the haematology doctors next week (date to be confirmed) and we will see him in renal outpatients on the 28th January.

Note: I have an appointment scheduled with Professor H at Guy's on Monday Jan 18 at 14.45., and     we also have Dyno-Rod coming in the morning -similar problem.

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