Thursday, March 20, 2014

Immigration Bill

Eleven contributions on the Immigration Bill Committee stage yesterday, including a win for certain illegitimate children:


Blood test yesterday:

Plt             535 (638)
Hb              10.4 (10.4)
WBC            5.3 (6.5)

There is no explanation why the platelets have improved with no change in the hydroxycarbamide dose, but it simply means the dose is kept at its present level. It would be unfortunate if the platelets did start rising, as a higher dose would cause a reduction in the level of haemoglobin.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vascular surgery

Consultation with Mr R March 5:

".... The duplex scan today confirmed that his aneurysn is now only 3.3 cn in diameter without any endoleak".

" Mr S booked him for an angioplasty of his left leg, since he has a short segment occlusion of the femoral artery at tthe adductor canal. However, I am not convinced that his symptoms at this stage justify intervention. He is not complaining of rest pain, ulceration or gangrene, ie critical leg ischaemia. I have therefore cancelled his angioplasty".

Mtr R's assessment of the risk of angioplasty appeared to be a good deal higher than Mr S's, so I have to put up with pain in the leg if I walk at a normal speed.