Friday, October 28, 2011


Monday amendment to the Education Bill on collective worship in schools .
I pressed it to a division but omitted to leave a colleague in the chamber to shout when it was called for the second time. Up to that point 50 had gone through the Content lobby to 115 in the Not Contents, so we would have lost handsomely if the division had been completed.

Wednesday morning, Subcommittee F heard evidence from officials on European Union see

In the afternoon, Education Bill again, this time on the rule that when considering the closure of a school. a local authority should avoid reducing the number of denominational places

Thursday, appointment with Mr R in the morning, followed by debate on the National Planning Policy Framework in which I spoke on planning for Traveller sites

Today I have been catching up on emails and preparing for tomorrow's annual Peru Support Group conference, which I shall be chairing from 10.30 to 17.30.

So far I'm managing to lead a more or less normal existence apart from getting quite tired, but I'm starting to tell friends and colleagues that I'll have to scale down my activities, probably within the next year. I'll say something to the Peru Support Group tomorrow, as we don't meet very often. The news of my MPD/MDS is already on my new website and Twitter @EricAvebury as well as here on this blog but there are still a good many circles of contacts who don't see any of those.


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