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Torture and murder by police in Rabwah, Pakistan

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LONDON, 1 April 2012
It is with great sadness that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirms that on 30 March 2012 a well-known and much loved Ahmadi Muslim, Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad (43), died after succumbing to injuries inflicted during brutal torture by local police in Rabwah, Pakistan.
Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad was taken into police custody without any justification on 10 February 2012. He remained in custody until 26 March 2012 and during this period he was made to endure the most inhuman and depraved forms of torture, which caused internal injuries that were ultimately fatal.
Whilst in custody, Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad was hung upside down from his ankles for long periods. Furthermore, whilst laid supine, an extremely heavy wooden roller, similar to those used to flatten cricket pitches, was rolled all over his body, as attendants stood at each side of him making sure he could not move. Such inhumane and merciless treatment led to multiple organ failure and crushed his muscles. These are just a few examples of the torture inflicted.
Following such relentless treatment, Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad was released on 26 March 2012. Despite continuous medical treatment he was unable to recover and thus on 30 March 2012 he passed away as yet another martyr of Ahmadiyyat.
The deceased is survived by his wife, four children and his parents.
Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad was the President of the Nusrat Abad chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Rabwah. Thus his arrest, made without any justification, was simply an attempt to try and defame the local Ahmadiyya Muslim administration. The brutal treatment he suffered occurred despite the fact that the police were unable to lay a single charge against him and ultimately was forced to release him.
The spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Abid Khan said:
“It is devastating that a wife has lost her husband and four young children have lost their father in such an inhumane and merciless way. It is absolutely clear that if Mr Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad had not been a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat then he would never have been subject to such abhorrent torture. Hatred and persecution of any organisation or its members must be condemned by all those who believe in peace and tolerance. Such attacks serve only to destabilise society and to spread discord.”
The International Community, Media and Human Rights organisations are all urged to take action to safeguard the basic human and civil rights of Ahmadi Muslims both in Pakistan and in other countries where they face discrimination. In an era where freedom of religion and belief is accepted as a basic human right throughout the world it is of disbelief that anti-Ahmadiyya legislation is still active and indeed still being enforced in Pakistan.
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