Thursday, February 11, 2016

At home with family

I met with Bhante from Forest Hermitage on Sunday after his visit with Lyulph and Sue to the graveyard near Orpington. Bhante told me when he arrived at Flodden Road that he considered the graveyard suitable and we agreed that a small family interment ceremony would be held there as soon after my death as convenient. The family thought a memorial event would be nice at a later date.

Two visits to King's this week (Monday and Tuesday) to have a unit of blood each time and on Tuesday, a unit of magnesium. It was exhausting.

Kina came to see me yesterday and she has kindly agreed to source some acrylic paints for little Kohee who gave me her wonderful painting of the stone circle at Avebury. I also saw Emilda from St Christopher's and our GP, Dr Davies.
Lyulph and Sue are coming this afternoon and Victoria has been staying here since Monday.

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